Is copper crucial for maintaining overall health of the human body?

Copper is a crucial element for the overall health of the human body. Several biological processes such as bone formation depend on it. It is a mineral which cannot be synthesized by the human body and thus need to be obtained from dietary sources only. So how does copper help with keeping the bones healthy and fracture resistant in the long run?

  • Copper helps with the formation of connective tissues. It is required for the cross-linking of elastin and collagen which is required for making the connective tissue strong and flexible. It is responsible for the formation of bone matrix where minerals are deposited. The tough and flexible nature of it greatly responsible for the tensile strength of bones as well as making them fracture resistant.
  • Copper combines with other trace minerals such as manganese and zinc for the formation of superoxide dismutase, which is an extremely important antioxidant. This antioxidant is responsible for protecting the bones from oxidative damage and keeping them young. In the absence of copper, there will be no formation of superoxide dismutase.
  • The metabolism of iron depends on copper. Iron in our body is present in the ferrous form, but it cannot be absorbed by the body in this form. It needs to be converted in the ferric form so that it can be utilized by the cells for the formation of red blood cells and conversion of iron into hemoglobin. In the absence of copper, iron could not get converted in a usable form. This is why copper deficiency may also lead to anemia and low levels of WBCs. Copper is also required for the oxygenation of tissues, even bone tissues.

Though copper deficiency is very rare to occur it may have dire consequences. Thus it is important to maintain the required amount of copper in the body at all times. Along with eating foods which are high in copper. You can also start drinking water that has been stored in a copper water bottle.


Crimson the Religious Colour

Crimson the colour of blood significant in religion

You can find reference to a combination of red and blue crimson  in The Holy Bible . In the King James Bible the color name is mentioned five times. It is in The Old Testament. It is a common understanding that Crimson and Scarlet mean the same in The Holy Bible. The most prominent mention is in the colour of cloth Rehab hangs outside her windows as a sign for not attacking her house.

The colour is related to religion in the Elizabethan era. It was supposed to signify importance and power. It is quite evident with the extensive use of the colour in robes worn by Cardinals. In the Elizabethan era people who were allowed to wear the colour were only Royals, Nobles and Council members,as decreed by a law at that time. In Christian faith it signifies the colour of blood of christ and stands for atonement and humility.

The colour was originally made from an insect Dactylopius coccus. This insect lived on the stems of the prickly pear. The same process of drying, boiling and crushing was applied everywhere in the world. It is a shade of red and signifies love and empathy also. As it is a colour that stands out it has always been popular in fashion even  today…

Brown the color of Earth

Color Brown

Brown are the tree trunks and brown is the bear. Earth is brown whence the life begins. Well friends brown is a color which is related to stability and a color signifying security and support. It friendly and welcoming. It also stands for loyalty, practicality, and reality.

If we talk about the psychology associated with brown ,it is hones, genuine and sincere. Brown is a color that mixes with other colors and its meaning changes. When paired with white or off white brown exudes class. It is a color that remains in the background and security is what it exhibits.

Brown is never a favorite color of anybody. Boring is the feeling most of us feel. However brown has many positive effects.

  • Good Health Feeling – Brown gives a feeling of health.
  • Stability – Stability is what brown exudes always, being the color of earth and soil.
  • Humbleness – If you somewhat like the brown color, then you are humble. The trait that is signifies is humbleness.
  • Materialistic:Brown means material security and the accumulation of worldly possessions.
  • Order – Brown also means order in life.
  • Protection and Security – Brown is the color which gives a sense of security and protection. Most of the doors and windows are brown. Is it not?

White : A Pure Beginning

The complete, pure and perfect color. It means a new beginning. Remember an empty canvas is white right! White does not appeal to the eye and some say it is not a color at all. Well white is a color and it leaves all to your imagination and creativity. Without white other colors would not exist.

Pure white

White stands for fairness, independence and neutral stance. It contains all the colors of the spectrum and is the color which reflects all colors of light. It is a natural color which imbibes all the positives and negatives as they come. It is like an infant, which does not have behavioral traits when born. It has the potential to become a great poet and also a dreaded criminal. All depends on what environment the child gets.

Another very common meaning given to white is cleanliness. Even a speck of dirt can be observed on a white background. It amplifies both the good and the bad. That is another aspect of white. In some cultures white is the apparel for death. However death not only means end but also a new beginning.

If your favorite color is white, it means you are immaculate in presentation and very careful with resources. You will be very creative but aiming for being self-sufficient.

In business it means simplicity and cautiousness. White is the color of paper and the color of every document screen on computers. So it is a completing color for business. It will bring out the color in your advertisement.

The enigmatic Purple

Purple color

Any other color cannot match purple in matter of symbolism. Purple is a color made by mixing red and blue. The kings of various countries used to wear purple and even the Pope wears purple color on special occasions. The color signifies royalty and spirituality.Purple has the shortest wavelength among the color spectrum. Also known as violet. There is something about the color that draws people to it. It may be science as it has the shortest wavelength, hence appears the brightest.

Purple contains the energy and strength of red and blue gives it integrity. It will help those who want to seek spirituality and higher consciousness.It represents future and takes you to a land of fantasy. That is the reason purple is widely used in fairy tales. From the psychological perspective it is the color which brings harmony between the body and the mind. The mind has no limits while the body has its limits. Purple color binds them together and creates harmony.

If your favorite color is purple you are:

  • Sensitive, supportive and put yourself after others.
  • You are sensitive to comments but will never let it show.
  • You are an enigma and people will be drawn towards you because it is difficult to know you fully.
  • You will die for the ideal that you have and will never be practical however hard you try.
  • You are creative and run by intuitions.
  • You are naturally secretive and moody. Even your closest family member will never know all your secrets.

The Orange color


The colour orange is one of the most vibrant colours. it is the colour of sunset, fire and citrus fruits. The only colour which is named after an object. It is a combination of red and yellow bringing best of the two colours together. It stands for warmth and happiness. According to psychology orange colour helps to bounce back from grief and disappointment. It brings in spontaneity and positive outlook in gloomy times.

In terms of social relations it is an outgoing colour which displays exhibition and warmth together. It stimulates two-way communication and gets people talking and thinking. It brings life to a dull surrounding. It has impulse and attracts the youth.

In terms of cultures it has different meanings at different places.

  • It is the colour of prison uniforms in the United States
  • It is the colour and emblem of the Royal family.
  • It is the sacred colour for Hindu faith.
  • In France it is the middle traffic light colour.

Orange is mostly used in things which we need to see from far. It is only next to red in the spectrum hence the enhanced visibility.

Personality and Orange

If orange is your favourite colour then you will have the following traits.

  • Warm, extrovert, optimist and flamboyant.
  • Assertive bordering on aggressive and light-hearted.
  • A performer with flair for partying and socializing.
  • Helpful and full of positive energy.
  • Free spirited depending on gut reactions most of the times.
  • Physically active, full of life and risk taker.

That is a small summary on orange, you can get more information here.


The Color Pink

Pink is a feminine color. When you buy clothes for a baby girl the first time, it is invariably pink isn’t it? It signifies nurturing. It is natural color of rose, the flower of love. Interestingly in Japan pink is associated with masculinity. When it comes in your vision it has a soothing effect on the mind, and regulates your breathing and heart beat.

The colour of Compassion

The color pink is a combination of white and red. Red means action and white peace. To combine pink means love, and compassion. It is a positive color, with signs of hope.

Business uses pink as the color of communication. The color is very much suited for initial campaigns which should signify compassion. The international awareness and hope on breast cancer is brought forward by the pink ribbon. Mainly feminine brands use the pink color. The glaring examples are Victoria’s Secret, Mary Kay and T-Mobile. However some companies like adidas, Ferratum , HP and Dell use blue to signify subtility rather than masculinity.

Pink is popular in apparel design as it signifies compassion. Pink gives us a feeling of compassion and safety and is also the most frequent color used in bedrooms. Pink flowers give a sense of love. Pink has been used successfully to relax the aggressive minds in prisons in US.

Romantic Pink
Bedroom Pink


There are negative meanings also.  A pink slip means notice of ending employment. But for males to wear pink signifies “Gay”. It used to be a taboo in earlier societies. But it is symbolizes freedom from taboos. Pink is also symbolic to good health –“In the pink of health”. For knowing about psychology of the color pink you can visit this site.