The Colour Red

Culturally, physically and emotionally colours affect us. I think it is important that we know in what ways we are affected so we are more in tune with ourselves and our surroundings. For an artist it is imperative we understand the nature and psychology of colours. Every post I plan to dedicate to a colour I would be so interested in your feedback on my perceptions, agree or disagree.

Red a signal of danger as well as passion
A different warning signal!!
Red as an indication for warning and danger
A warning signal






Red is the colour of passion we associate with sexuality and excitement. It is a colour of strong desires its makes a statement. It is the colour of blood and as such has associations  with aggression and war, as well as power and love. It is a highly visible colour and its no accident that our emergency equipment, stop lights and  danger signs are in red. I think that’s why dad bought me a red car – danger on the roads! I know when I am driving it I feel assertive and confident. If I put a red dress on I feel sexy and  dramatic. Yet put me in a red room and I soon get agitated and uncomfortable.  This article argues for red being a manipulative colour. Colour has a profound effect on us and we are not always aware of it. I found a poem the other day which I think identifies a lot about the colour red for me personally.



Red is a sunset

Blazing and bright.

Red is feeling brave

   With all your might.

Red is a sunburn

A spot on your nose.

Sometimes red, is a red red rose.

Red squiggles out when you cut your hand.

Red is a brick

And the sounds of a band.

Red is hotness

You get inside

When you’re embarrassed

And want to hide.

Fire-cracker, fire-engine

Fire-flicker red –

And when you’re angry

Red runs through your head.


Red is an Indian

A Valentine heart,

The trimmings on

A circus cart.

Red is a lipstick

Red is a shout

Red is a signal

That says, “Watch out!”

Red is a great big

Rubber ball.

Red is the giant-est

Colour of all.

Red is a show-off,

No doubt about it –

But can you imagine

Living without it?


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