The Colour Yellow


The colour yellow stimulating and light and I like yellow, I find it cheerful and stimulating but a whole wall of yellow I would find too much. Yellow is the most visible of our colour range and it the colour that resonate with the left side of our brain -the logic analytical side. I found it interesting that Goethe explains why a colour which such positives has some negative connotations. Such as the yellow hats of bankrupts and the yellow circles on Jews – we also associate it with cowardice. Today’s colour scientists think this is more to do with the shade of yellow, dingy yellow is associated with decay, sickness and jealousy. It is also practical colour not  really an emotional colour, as it is from the head not the heart it can support analytic thinking and critical analysis of others and ourselves.

Yellow making your point stand out clearly
Yellow, making your design stand out

It is a good colour to use in advertising especially for children, as it is consider a fast moving colour. It highlights elements of your design or advertisement. it is recommended not to use it with men’s products, men perceive the colour as childish. Also not really recommended in large areas for elderly as the vibration of the colour is too fast. You mind also find in periods of stress or large amounts of change in your life that you don’t tolerate yellow very well. This fact resonates with me as Iooking back I found moving to college and certain personal issues were stressing me out, I realised I never wore my favourite jumper, in fact it is only recently I found it at the back of my closet. It appears when we are trying to cope with things the vibration of yellow agitates us rather than soothe. So yellow is as complicated to use in art and design as any of the more intense colours.



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