The Colour Blue

Blue is the world’s most popular colour according to the website Colormatters. It is the coolest colour – the colour of the sky, the sea, the earth and twilight. It has long been associated with calmness and tranquility, and used to counterbalance the fiery intensity and warmth of red, orange and yellow. Whereas those warmer hues represent spontaneous emotion and intense feelings, blue tends to reflect the cool logic and reason of intellect. Indeed, blue is the ‘look before you leap’ into the ocean colour of choice; the calm before the storm, the monsoon that brings relief from a heatwave. Blue can take calmness too far and be a metaphor for depression and ‘feeling blue’.

Blue is the most popular colourBlue is also the world’s favourite corporate colour, evoking trust, dignity and authority. Conservatives are particularly drawn to the colour. It denotes trustworthiness, sincerity and dependabiility, making it popular with business sectors such as banking, insurance and healthcare. Over 60% of all company logos are blue, well-known corporate blues include Barclays, ANZ, Visa, American Express, Microsoft, HP, AXA, Volkswagen, Ford, Pfizer and Bupa. Dark blue has more serious and responsible connotations whilst light blue has more spiritual and peaceful associations. Blue is the perfect colour to have around babies because of its calming properties and Greeks believe blue wards off the ‘evil eye’. In a step away from the corporate office environment the term ‘blue collar’ refers to working class manual labourers. On a cultural level, the colour blue also pervades pop culture with the iconic presence of blue denim jeans and blues music.


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