The Color Pink

Pink is a feminine color. When you buy clothes for a baby girl the first time, it is invariably pink isn’t it? It signifies nurturing. It is natural color of rose, the flower of love. Interestingly in Japan pink is associated with masculinity. When it comes in your vision it has a soothing effect on the mind, and regulates your breathing and heart beat.

The colour of Compassion

The color pink is a combination of white and red. Red means action and white peace. To combine pink means love, and compassion. It is a positive color, with signs of hope.

Business uses pink as the color of communication. The color is very much suited for initial campaigns which should signify compassion. The international awareness and hope on breast cancer is brought forward by the pink ribbon. Mainly feminine brands use the pink color. The glaring examples are Victoria’s Secret, Mary Kay and T-Mobile. However some companies like adidas, Ferratum , HP and Dell use blue to signify subtility rather than masculinity.

Pink is popular in apparel design as it signifies compassion. Pink gives us a feeling of compassion and safety and is also the most frequent color used in bedrooms. Pink flowers give a sense of love. Pink has been used successfully to relax the aggressive minds in prisons in US.

Romantic Pink
Bedroom Pink


There are negative meanings also.  A pink slip means notice of ending employment. But for males to wear pink signifies “Gay”. It used to be a taboo in earlier societies. But it is symbolizes freedom from taboos. Pink is also symbolic to good health –“In the pink of health”. For knowing about psychology of the color pink you can visit this site.


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