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Brown the color of Earth

Color Brown

Brown are the tree trunks and brown is the bear. Earth is brown whence the life begins. Well friends brown is a color which is related to stability and a color signifying security and support. It friendly and welcoming. It also stands for loyalty, practicality, and reality.

If we talk about the psychology associated with brown ,it is hones, genuine and sincere. Brown is a color that mixes with other colors and its meaning changes. When paired with white or off white brown exudes class. It is a color that remains in the background and security is what it exhibits.

Brown is never a favorite color of anybody. Boring is the feeling most of us feel. However brown has many positive effects.

  • Good Health Feeling – Brown gives a feeling of health.
  • Stability – Stability is what brown exudes always, being the color of earth and soil.
  • Humbleness – If you somewhat like the brown color, then you are humble. The trait that is signifies is humbleness.
  • Materialistic:Brown means material security and the accumulation of worldly possessions.
  • Order – Brown also means order in life.
  • Protection and Security – Brown is the color which gives a sense of security and protection. Most of the doors and windows are brown. Is it not?