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The Orange color


The colour orange is one of the most vibrant colours. it is the colour of sunset, fire and citrus fruits. The only colour which is named after an object. It is a combination of red and yellow bringing best of the two colours together. It stands for warmth and happiness. According to psychology orange colour helps to bounce back from grief and disappointment. It brings in spontaneity and positive outlook in gloomy times.

In terms of social relations it is an outgoing colour which displays exhibition and warmth together. It stimulates two-way communication and gets people talking and thinking. It brings life to a dull surrounding. It has impulse and attracts the youth.

In terms of cultures it has different meanings at different places.

  • It is the colour of prison uniforms in the United States
  • It is the colour and emblem of the Royal family.
  • It is the sacred colour for Hindu faith.
  • In France it is the middle traffic light colour.

Orange is mostly used in things which we need to see from far. It is only next to red in the spectrum hence the enhanced visibility.

Personality and Orange

If orange is your favourite colour then you will have the following traits.

  • Warm, extrovert, optimist and flamboyant.
  • Assertive bordering on aggressive and light-hearted.
  • A performer with flair for partying and socializing.
  • Helpful and full of positive energy.
  • Free spirited depending on gut reactions most of the times.
  • Physically active, full of life and risk taker.

That is a small summary on orange, you can get more information here.