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White : A Pure Beginning

The complete, pure and perfect color. It means a new beginning. Remember an empty canvas is white right! White does not appeal to the eye and some say it is not a color at all. Well white is a color and it leaves all to your imagination and creativity. Without white other colors would not exist.

Pure white

White stands for fairness, independence and neutral stance. It contains all the colors of the spectrum and is the color which reflects all colors of light. It is a natural color which imbibes all the positives and negatives as they come. It is like an infant, which does not have behavioral traits when born. It has the potential to become a great poet and also a dreaded criminal. All depends on what environment the child gets.

Another very common meaning given to white is cleanliness. Even a speck of dirt can be observed on a white background. It amplifies both the good and the bad. That is another aspect of white. In some cultures white is the apparel for death. However death not only means end but also a new beginning.

If your favorite color is white, it means you are immaculate in presentation and very careful with resources. You will be very creative but aiming for being self-sufficient.

In business it means simplicity and cautiousness. White is the color of paper and the color of every document screen on computers. So it is a completing color for business. It will bring out the color in your advertisement.