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The enigmatic Purple

Purple color

Any other color cannot match purple in matter of symbolism. Purple is a color made by mixing red and blue. The kings of various countries used to wear purple and even the Pope wears purple color on special occasions. The color signifies royalty and spirituality.Purple has the shortest wavelength among the color spectrum. Also known as violet. There is something about the color that draws people to it. It may be science as it has the shortest wavelength, hence appears the brightest.

Purple contains the energy and strength of red and blue gives it integrity. It will help those who want to seek spirituality and higher consciousness.It represents future and takes you to a land of fantasy. That is the reason purple is widely used in fairy tales. From the psychological perspective it is the color which brings harmony between the body and the mind. The mind has no limits while the body has its limits. Purple color binds them together and creates harmony.

If your favorite color is purple you are:

  • Sensitive, supportive and put yourself after others.
  • You are sensitive to comments but will never let it show.
  • You are an enigma and people will be drawn towards you because it is difficult to know you fully.
  • You will die for the ideal that you have and will never be practical however hard you try.
  • You are creative and run by intuitions.
  • You are naturally secretive and moody. Even your closest family member will never know all your secrets.