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The Colour Green

A display of the various shades of green

If I said what does the colour Green mean to you? What would your reply be? It’s natural, or a healing colour? That green is the colour of nature, of fields and trees and grass? It is all of that and more, it has been determined that green is a restful colour for the human eye, it can actually improve vision, it also gives off a suggestion of stability, endurance and movement. In traffic it is the safe indicator to go. In heraldry green indicates growth and hope.
Green is a secondary colour in that it is a combination of two primary colours, yellow and blue. Its effect is both warming and cooling making it a calming colour one of balance and harmony.
Advertisers use green to indicate safety so is usual in drug and medical product campaigns, “green’ or environmentally friendly products are associated with the colour, whereas a darker green is often associated with money and the financial world – I guess they want us to see their product as safe!!!
Green is popular in interior design as it introduces a symbolic sense of peace, nature and security. Green presents us with the rejuvenating and restorative properties of nature and as such is popular for bathrooms and bedrooms. Just bringing plants indoors adding the green element to rooms transforms them, helping urban dwellings reconnect with nature. The freshness and sense of relaxation will keep us using the colour green again and again as it mentally and physically affects us, raising our mood and relaxing our minds.

The harmony and peacefulness of the colour green seen in this lovely bathroom
Green in use in a bathroom promoting harmony and relaxation.

Be aware though, like everything there is a negative to the all the positive and with green it is used to portray sickness and jealousy, we all know the phrase, “green with jealousy”. Colour meanings and symbolism interested Carl Jung a well known psychiatrist, he believed that using colour helped the expression of a person’s psyche, that the colours you choose say something about you and that certain colours can facilitate certain reactions. The use and interpretation of colour is not as simple as just seeing it, this article is worth reading if you are interested in what is colour theory and it application to the way we live.